Window Bars Installation Guide

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Step by Step Instructions for Installing Window Bars

STEP  1 : Make It Safe:

Wear Safety Google, Gloves ,Shoes and halmet Prior to any installation process.

STEP  2: Make Sure you have Right Tools  :

You may need following tools for Installing Window Security Bars

·         Measuring Tape

·         Drill Driver

·         Screw Driver

·         Metal  Cutting Saw  or Grinder

·         Hammer

·         Wood Screws or metal Screws

STEP  3 : Measure Window :

Take Opening Width And Height Measurement (Frame to Frame or Jamb to jamb depending on where you want to be install )

STEP  4 : Measure Window Bars :

Measure Any ordered Window Bars prior to installation to make sure It is in Proper Size. Recees Mount Window bars Should be smaller than window Opening Size. Surface Mount Window Bars should be Equal or little bigger than Window Opening Size. Sometime You will need to Assemble Window Bars before Measuring Size . Also Some Standard Window bars size require to Cut to fit the size of Window .

STEP  4: Installation

·         Some Window bars needs assembly prior to installation. Please refer to Window bars manufacturer Guidelines.

·         Some Security bars Needs  cut to size prior to Installation. Please refer manufacturer’s Guidelines

·         After Assembling Window Bars , Decide  and select mounting of Window bars . it should be either recess mount or surface mount as per ordered window bars.

·         Most Window Bars comes with Bracket for installation. Insert Bracket onto Window Bars

·         Using Right Screws  Install Window bars

STEP  5: More Information for Installing Window bars can be available by calling Window bars Expert at 1-877-874-6321 or Visit :

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