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  • Security : Excellent protection against burglary, effective visual deterrent for protection, unique locking system so that the rolling shutters become the perfect barriers against any kind of intrusion
  • Insulation from heat and cold: Thermal insulation properties that reduce heat in the warm season and retain the warmth in the cold season; injected with polyurethane to keep the interiors cool and warm when required; provides significant energy savings hence reduced electricity bills for you
  • Light control : Scorching rays of the sun and harmful ultra-violet and infra-red rays get blocked from penetrating through the rolling shutters, thus protecting the interiors and upholstery.
  • Noise protection : Reduce noise protection by up to 50% (based on independent laboratory tests); favorite with kids, elderly members, ailing members, shift workers or anyone wanting peace and quiet
  • Weather protection : No rattling during storm or heavy rains thus securing your property from flying debris or broken glass.
  • Fire protection: Prevents damage from bushfires, even from the flying burning embers
  • Privacy : Maintains your privacy wherever you are; natural light and airflow can be enjoyed with the perforating holes that can be kept open

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