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Residential Accordion Doors | Room Dividers



Flexibility and usability when get mixed with stunning visual aspect, it increases the viability of any commercial space. Wide range of GLASSESSENTIAL® Wood folding commercial series of Accordion shutter and Doors are just meant for it. It saves space and separates work areas; reconfigures and creates new space within existing space. Extensive use of these doors in Hotel, restaurants, office, school, hospitals bears the testimony of this product.

 More to it, every door is custom-crafted to with exclusive steel hardware hinge system  for smooth operation, incredible strength and durability. Our Accordion Doors come in an array of hardwood, vinyl, paint, stain and laminate finishes.

The way we understand your needs and specs, the same way we deliver the doors (carton-packed or wood-crated) to reach its destination safely.

Features and benefits:

  • Flexible and durable.
  • Saves space or creates new space.
  • Helps muffle distracting noise in a daycare centre or restaurant.
  • Beautifully separates work areas in offices.
  • Trimming not required as every door is custom-crafted.
  • Entirely top-suspended so no need of bothersome floor clips or pivots.
  • Exclusive steel hardware hinge system to keep doors operating smooth and quiet.
  • Lends incredible strength.
  • Doors remain in place despite their open or closed state.
  • Available in an array of hardwood, vinyl, paint, stain and laminate finishes.
  • Individually carton-packed or wood-crated so it reaches you intact and perfectly safe.


Technical Information:




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