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Custom-crafted accordion doors divide any space with natural and acceptable variations in wood grain characteristics, textures and color tones beautifully.Manufacturers of custom made accordion folding doorsThe most complete line of Custom Wood Accordion Doors from GLASSESSENTIAL. Simple and cost-effective. Solution for common door problems in residential,.commercialproperties.


  • The most complete line of GLASSESSENTIAL® Custom Wood Accordion Doors
  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Solution for common door problems in residential, commercial and industrial settings
  • Pleated with vertical folds
  • Supported by rollers inserted in a track mounted at the top
  • Size and finish variable; depending on the application and desired look or appeal
  • Great way to divide work areas
Closets Doors Custom Wood Accordion Door


Functional Applications:

  • Closets doors, room dividers, security doors, see-through partitions, and acoustical sound barriers for dividing a room
  • Fabricate as an acoustical divider to block out sound between areas when required
  • Use to separate living and dining areas in homes, restaurants, care facilities
  • Reconfigure conference rooms, convention spaces or university lecture halls
  • Provide security for shops in malls, bars, lounges and in restaurants