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Accordion Doors | Room Dividers for Acoustic Applications

GLASSESSENTIAL® Acoustic Partitions or Wood Folding Accordion Shutters and Doors for acoustic sound control offer a great solution for reducing distracting noise and adding aesthetic style to your application zone. Sturdy, flexible and visually elegant, these accordion doors and shutters are a sound choice for restaurants, offices, churches, daycare and assisted living centers where moderate acoustic control is desired. They’re available in single-wall and dual-wall acoustic construction or different colors or finishes as per the necessity and arrangement. Above all, our world class delivery service and friendly customer service support are always there to hear from you!
Acoustic Applications of Accordion Doors Accordion Doors


  • Space saving, elegant looking partitions doors for moderate acoustic control.
  • Available in single-wall and dual-wall acoustic construction.
  • Perfectly suitable for settings requiring moderate acoustic control.
  • Available in a range of Vinyl-lam, natural hardwood veneers and custom finishes
  • A perimeter seal helps to minimize heat loss.
  • Highly durable.
  • Saves floor and wall space
  • World class delivery with carton or wood-crated packing.
  • Superior customer service.


Acoustic Partitions

  • Series 2100 Wood Fording Accordion Shutter Doors
  • Series 3300 Wood Fording Accordion Shutter Doors

Technical Information

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