Series 220: Commercial/Residential Custom Wood Folding Accordion Shutter Doors

Accordion Doors for Room Divider

 Room Residential Applications Dividers- Finished On Two Sides.



    • Series 220 room divider doors are the ideal choice for flexibility and privacy

    • Finished on both sides

    • Hardware almost identical to our heaviest-duty system

    • Serves as a divider and helps conserve heat in settings where the door is viewed from both sides

    • Doors are crafted from hardwood or striking Vinyl-Lam finishes

    • Consists of a pin hinge hardware system and a modified handle

    • Cost effective solution for dividing rooms rather than building permanent walls

    • Factory finished panels are available in either Hardwood or Vinyl-Laminate as standard

    • A mural can be added to all series of accordion doors.


    • Heights: Custom made to 8'1" (97")

    • Widths: Custom made to 8' (96")

    • Wheels: Leman axles with nylon wheels

    • Handle: Has been integrated into the lead panel as a "swept-wing" full panel handle

    • Catch: Heavy-duty magnet

    • Stacking Space: 1-1/4" per lineal foot plus 7/8" for "swept-wing" handle

    • Fire-retardant available

    • Panels: 4¼" wide by ¼" thick available in Vinyl-Lam and hardwood veneer faces front and back

    • Panel Connectors: Flexible vinyl, color-coordinated to panel selection

    • Track: 1-1/8" x 1" aluminum, dark bronze, clear or gold finish

    • Handle: Full-length swept-wing handle attached into first panel and color-coordinated to connectors specifying left or right stack.

    • Note: Series 220 functions as a single door only (no pairs), without key-lock options.

    •  Limitations:

    • Limited to being made as a single door that can open to one-side or a single door that has handles on both ends.
    • Not available as pairs and keyed lock options


    • Heights 4' and less

    • Custom width doors

    • Hardwood Astragals

    • Single door with "swept-wing" handles on both ends

    • 3/4" Round track molding on both sides

    • Custom paint finishes

    • Fire retardant core available with light oak or chalk Vinyl-Laminates.